Langka Paint + 2oz Blob Eliminator



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The Blob Eliminator AND your manufactures touch up paint is all you need to repair unsightly paint chips, including ROAD RASH and deep scratches. The Blob Eliminator is included in our Paint Chip Repair Kit.

Over 20 million vehicles have been repaired by Auto Paint Chip Repair Professionals worldwide in the past 20 years using the LANGKA PROCESS and is now available to YOU. It is Simple, Fast and GUARANTEED!

Note: This product is not designed for use on vehicles painted in the 1950’s and early 60’s that still have the ORIGINAL manufactures paint (there are very few of these vehicles around this day and age). It is designed for all vehicles painted since ’70’s.

1 oz Automotive Touch Up Paint

LANGKA Paints use only the highest quality toners for closer color match, durability, ease and speed of repair. You won’t need putty or to spend time applying many layers from watered down paints.