1oz Paint + Accessory Bundle



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1 oz Automotive Touch Up Paint

LANGKA Paints use only the highest quality toners for closer color match, durability, ease and speed of repair. You won’t need putty or to spend time applying many layers from watered down paints.

Langka Paints are designed to dry shiny and harden on their own. You don’t need to apply a clear coat layer with our paints.

Accessory Bundle:

The Accessories Bundle is a $40 Value for $29.95 and comes with:

2 Fine Tip Brushes
1 Fiberglass Prep Pen, Removes rust and contaminates from damaged areas
1 Clear Coat Pen, or 1oz Clear Coat bottle with micro brush
1 Micro-Brush 25 Pack
2 Micro-fiber Cloths
2 Paint Mixing Cups