FINALLY! A solution for Paint Chip and Scratch Repair on vehicles, motorcycles, etc. Even a child can do this! Will repair road rash or individual chips or even remove road paint accumulated from driving over painted "road-lines".

Watch the 5 minute Video


LANGKA Paint Chip and Scratch Repair

In 1996, we developed the FIRST consumer product for repairing paint chips, scratches or even ROAD RASH for cars, boats and planes! It's so simple to do, even a child can do this repair! The Blob Eliminator, our original product will even remove tar, tree sap and other paint surface contaminants.

The BLOB ELIMINATOR works with ALL touch up paints AND is the ONLY consumer product that works with the MANUFACTURERS TOUCH UP PAINT, If you would like to order your paint from LANGKA Click Here, Or simply search for your paint code in our search bar.

Watch the 5 minute Video to see the process we developed and how it works.


If you live in Canada, Click on the AutoObsessed or Canada image to be taken to the products on our Canadian partners site.


IF your vehicle is a "keeper", we highly recommend you use the highest quality touch up paint. To find your vehicles paint code, click on the image on the right or call your dealership and they'll help you locate it (your paint code). If you don't already have your touch up paint from the dealer LANGKA can make and ship your paint with your order.

What Chips?

Remember:  Our competitors tend to use watered down paints that provide only a thin coating and do not fill the chips. Don't fall for the cheaper way of doing things. If your finding it hard to find a good touch up paint let us know so we can help.

Independent Review Of the Langka Blob Eliminator (Golf 5 Forum)

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