PCR Kit & Wet Sand Kit

Paint Chip Repair Kit & Wet Sand 2000 Kit



Paint Chip Repair Kit

IF you can "catch" your fingernail in a scratch or chip, OR if you have ROAD RASH this kit (and the touch up paint from your dealership or local auto supply store) is all you need to repair these unsightly areas. Packaged in a decorative clamshell for easy storage and with complete directions.

The Kit includes:

  1. The original "The Blob Eliminator" (2oz) (enough to do 40-50 chips)
  2. PREPAINT (2oz) for cleaning the chips prior to applying touch up paint
  3. Paint Sealant (2oz) to protect and seal the finished repair
  4. MicroBrush (3) a unique and versatile applicator for applying touch up paint to INDIVIDUAL chips OR a hundred ROAD RASH chips OR for paint application for deep scratches. This applicator allows more paint to be applied to "fill" chips/scratches better than any other application process. OR you can smear paint as need when repairing ROAD RASH . Filling the damaged areas is critical for achieving the the best repair on your vehicle.
  5. Plastic Squeegie Card (1) a unique card used in this process for a better quality of repair.
  6. Micro-fiber Cloth (1) for wrapping around the plastic card

Purchasing this kit will save you money. Individual items can be resupplied as needed.

Wet Sand 2000 Kit

Our WS2000 Repair Kit removes scratches, scuffs and small marks quickly and effectively from ALL paint finishes. Used by professionals for over 40 years, this proven repair process is now available to owners of cars, motorcycles, bicycle, motor-homes and boats. Unattractive scratches in the paintwork are unavoidable over time but can be removed quickly from all paint finishes (including metallic).

The WS2000 Repair Kit is unlike any other scratch removal product on the market:

* Easy and Simple to use

* Quick results

* Proven technology

* Can be used on any painted surface (even metallic)

* Environmentally friendly: water-soluble and non-toxic.

Clearcoat scratches (when unable to hold touch up paint) are typically the most difficult blemishes to hide, let alone, eliminate. Not any more with the WS2000 Repair Kit.

Typical time (from start to finish) for this repair process is less than 5 minutes.

WS2000 Repair Kit is for Professional use and for the serious auto enthusiast for removing light clearcoat scratches. Simply follow our two step directions.


FIRST: We recommend you try to remove the light clear coat scratch with Step A (without wet sanding the area). Step A often will remove the scratch without wet sanding the painted surface. Just apply Step A to a clean, cotton cloth, Terry cloth or Microfibre towel and rub as rapidly as possible in a circular motion. This will take some pressure applied as well. If this product will not remove the scratch, then wet-sanding the area is required. A dual-action orbital buffer is an excellent device ($150) for buffing your vehicle and is an alternative to "hand" buffing when using Step A. IF Step A alone will NOT remove the scratch, then you'll need to actually wet-sand the area.

NEXT: Simply wet sand with the enclosed paper to remove the light surface clearcoat scratch. Be sure to limit your "sanding" to the immediate area to be repaired. Be sure to soak the paper in water for 2 minutes and while you are wet sanding, keep tossing water over the area or re-soak the paper in water.

NEXT: Then use Step A (rub rapidly in a circular motion and apply quite a bit of pressure) and Step B which are proprietary products to (1) quickly remove the minute scratches caused by wet sanding and (2) seal the repaired areas. It's the only way to eliminate these blemishes quickly. All by hand - no power buffers required (but a buffer make is easier). Kit contains: special paper, Step A and Step B products in a decorative package for complete storage. Typical time (from start to finish) for this repair process is less than 5 minutes.

Manufacturer does NOT warranty this from not occurring. It can occur. Use of this product implies accepting this condition. We therefore recommend trying this process in an inconspicuous area to get a feel for it.

Included in the Kit: WS2000 Step A 2oz, WS2000 Step B 2oz, WS2000 paper 2 sheets, each 4" x 3", Cloth 8"x8", directions, all contained in a clam shell container for easy storage.

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