Micro Brush

Micro Brush 25 Pack

Micro Brush


A unique and versatile applicator for applying touch up paint to INDIVIDUAL chips OR a hundred ROAD RASH chips OR for paint application for deep scratches. This applicator allows more paint to be applied to "fill" chips/scratches better than any other application process. OR you can smear paint as need when repairing ROAD RASH . Filling the damaged areas is critical for achieving the the best repair on your vehicle. Used by Professionals as an alternative to brushes, match-sticks or tooth picks when applying paint.

The "fuzzy" end of the brush holds a drop of paint and allows you to then apply the paint as needed to individual chips OR smeared when doing ROAD RASH . Can be cleaned and reused multiple times.

25 microbrushes per container.

[Note: 3 brushes are included in the Paint Chip Repair Kit].

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