Finesse V

Finesse V 8oz


Cleaning the paint is a MUST and absolutely essential for sunlight to refract clearly from your vehicles painted surface and provide that deep smooth and optically clear appearance.  [Note:   This product is used before sealing the paint for long lasting protection with our Paint Sealant. ]

This is why we developed Finesse-V as it will remove up to 1500-2000 grit swirl marks and create a smooth, deep finish with effortless clean-up.  

If your paint is not clean (appears dull, marred by clear coat scratches, acid rain, bird dropping etchings, oxidized paint or just not smooth),   Finesse-V will gently clean the paint quickly and safely!

Once the paint is clean with Finesse-V, light refraction will be optimized allowing your vehicle's paint color to radiate to its full depth!  Finesse V will create a smooth-to-the-touch feel and a deep, optically clear appearance.

Does not contain silicones or wax.

The next step is to Seal the paint for long-lasting protection from air contaminants, acid rain, etc with our Paint Sealant.

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