Autobath Shampoo

Auto Bath Shampoo

Autobath Shampoo 16oz
Bottle Size


Regularly washing your vehicle is critical and offers the biggest benefit to our cars' appearance.   Our blend of Coconut oil and emollients will gently clean the surface and allow the water to "sheet" from the surface. NOTE: This is a concentrated solution and needs to be diluted 1oz per gallon of warm water.

Auto Bath Shampoo is a luxurious combination of delicate agents:   a gentle soap blended with pure Carnuba wax.  Auto Bath Shampoo softens dirt and grime, lifting them from the surface while protecting the underlying paint.  Your vehicle will giggle and smile as you clean her from top to bottom with this coconut blend.   But the greatest aspect is this:  After rinsing her with water, the product produces a sheeting action that requires less drying time!   Then you can lightly buff the surface with our Microfiber towel for a high gloss shine.

These agents are specifically combined in the exact formula proven over the years and is the preferred product for shampooing your vehicle.

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