Road Rash

Road Rash can be easily repaired. Just follow the directions using our ORIGINAL Method or DRY Method for repairing chips, with this exception:

Rather than dab paint to each chip individually, use the microbrush included in the Paint Chip Repair Kit to smear the paint over the areas that are highly damaged. Don't worry as the Blob Eliminator will remove all of this "smeared" paint. Allow the paint to dry... then remove the paint as described in our ORIGINAL Method or DRY Method

Detailed Instructions for repairing:

Other Detailed Instructions:

CLEAR COATING the Repair: Optional

It is NOT normally necessary to do this, but IF the chip is large and the remaining paint in the chip appears "dull" (this can happen with some metallic colors), you will need to apply clear coat to the repaired chip. Some paint manufacturers provide two bottles, the paint and a clearcoat and the following applies as well. There are two (2) methods we recommend.

(A.) The Two Step Method: After following Steps 1,2,3 above you may clear coat the repair if desired. Clear coat applications requires a Micro brush . Simply dip the brush into the clear coat solution and wipe the brush on the inside of the container to remove excess clear coat from the brush. You are only trying to "surgically" apply a very light coat to restore the shine and provide UV protection to the larger repaired areas. You do not want to apply a blob of clear coat. (IF you apply a blob, you can remove the blob of clear coat with the Blob Eliminator...but it is best to be as "surgical" as possible). TIP: rest your hand on the vehicle to stabilize your hand during this application.

(B.) Another more popular method for using clear coat is this: Mix the paint and clear coat in a 1:1 ratio (using a paper ketchup cup from a local fast-food restaurant for mixing in). Apply as directed. Allow to dry, then remove the excess "mixture" if necessary with The Blob Eliminator. If after doing this and you think it still needs an actual layer of clear coat applied to the repair, then go to (A) above and apply the clear coat.


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It is best to work on your vehicle in a shaded area...not direct sunlight. Manufactures touch up paint can be purchased for $5-$10 from your local auto dealership or an auto parts store (Napa, PepBoys, AutoZone, etc). IF you are going to use any other paint, i.e., paint mixed for you by a body shop, or from a internet paint supplier, you need to let the paint dry overnight or longer. These paints are NOT the best paint to use because they are very "soft" and can take days to dry. Manufactures touch up paint are the BEST paint to use as the dry harder, faster and retain their shine and the repair last indefinitely. If you are having a hard time finding your paint color, call us with the Make,Year, Model, Paint Code and the basic color red,blue,green, etc). We may be able to make it for you.

STEP 1: Cleaning the Area

It is preferred to use our PrePaint (included in the Paint Chip Repair Kit) to clean the chip or scratch of wax or other contaminants. Just apply PrePaint to a soft cloth and rub over each chip to be repaired. Rinse with water or a damp cloth. Then dry the area to be repaired. NOTE: If rust is an issue, Click Here

STEP 2: Applying Paint and Dry Time issues

1. Applying Touch up Paint
Apply the touch up paint as "surgically" as possible using a Microbrush (included in our Paint Chip Repair Kit). Less paint applied results in less paint to remove which results in less rubbing, and that is a "good" thing. The idea is to get the paint applied so it can begin to dry. Remember, all liquids, including paint, will "shrink" as they dry, so applying a 2nd or 3rd coat may be required, especially if the chip is "deep". Just keep re-applying layers until you get a raised area of touch up paint.

2. Drying Time Issues:
Drying time VARIES depending on the temperature (especially the metal's temperature), relative humidity and the type of manufactures touch up paint you use. For example, the temperature in Phoenix, AZ in the summer is much different than NY city in the winter. Another example is Honda's paints which are slow to dry, drying times can be days. Generally, we recommend 2 hours up to 4 hours as a time frame (at about 70 degrees air temperature). When removing the excess paint IF you find the paint is coming off too quickly or being removed from the chip itself, you will need to let the paint dry longer and rub more gently. Be sure to use a smooth, clean cloth i.e., available in our Paint Chip Repair Kit.

[NOTE:  Shallow or "light" scratches are normally not deep enough to hold the touch-up paint. We developed our Wet Sand 2000 Kit for quickly removing these light scratches by hand in minutes].

STEP 3: Removing the Excess Paint

Removing the "excess paint" is simple, but requires a bit of "finesse" in some cases. Remember, The Blob Eliminator will ONLY affect the manufactures touch up paint....NOT the OEM surface (original painted surface from the factory). However, DO NOT USE on pre-1965 vehicles with the Original paint. Also IF the vehicle has been repainted, test the Blob Eliminator first in an inconspicuous area to better understand this process and/or IF the "fear factor" is an issue. :)

The included "plastic card" is designed to provide a flat surface as you rub over the blob of excess paint and to prevent "dipping" into the chip as best as possible. However, it can get in the way of viewing your work as it smooths down the blob of paint and you can't feel the "blob" under the card very well. For many users, it works great and you should try using it initially. However, you can wrap the cloth around your index finger, apply the Blob Eliminator and rub over the blob. The advantage of using your finger is that you can both see the "work-in-process" and you can feel the blob especially as it begins to smooth down. In both cases, it is critical that the cloth be smooth on the card or your index finger. Wrinkles or creases will cause the cloth to "dip" into the chip and wipe out the touch up paint. No big deal, just start over. Again, The Blob Eliminator will not affect the OEM surface.

IF you remove the paint from the chip OR are unhappy with the "texture"...you can always use the Blob Eliminator to wipe out the rest of the paint remaining in the chip...and simply start over by applying touch up paint and repeating the process! You may want to try our SQUEEGIE Method or WET Method.

STEP 4: Sealing the Repair

LANGKA Paint Sealant (included in the Paint Chip Repair Kit) is used to seal the repaired chip or scratch. It provides UV protection and enhances the shine. Just wipe on, let dry, and the wipe off the area.

You're done! IF you would like, you may also wax the area 24 hours after completing the repair. However, "wax" is old-school technology as compared to the new Paint Sealants, the same product you just used to complete this repair. You can purchase larger quantities on our website of this Paint Sealant.

Other Considerations:

We recommend using our special (extremely smooth) 8"x8" microfiber cloth (included in the Paint Chip Repair Kit)or you can buy more 8x8 Micro Fiber Towels from us directly. Do not use a terry cloth or anything that does not have a smooth surface. As an alternative you can use an old bed sheet, pillow case because the material is tighter woven (as compared to a T-shirt material). Be sure the cloth is large enough so you can wrap it around the blue card and hold the card and cloth securely. Again, be sure the card/cloth surface is smooth (wrinkle free).

B. CLEAR COATING the Repair: Optional

IF your touch up paint is provided in one bottle, it is NOT necessary to apply a final clear coat layer when doing this repair.

However, some paint manufacturers are now providing two bottles, the paint (color) and a clearcoat.  IF that is the case, a popular method for using clear coat is this:  Mix the paint and clear coat in a 1:1 ratio (using a paper ketchup cup from a local fast-food restaurant for mixing in).  Apply the "mixture" as directed.  Allow to dry, then remove the excess "mixture-blob" if necessary with The Blob Eliminator.   NOTE:  If after doing this and you still think it needs a final layer of clear coat, then apply the clear coat layer.   IF a blob results, you can smooth this clear coat "blob" down with the Blob Eliminator.

Another situation that may require a final clear coat layer is this:    IF the chip is large and the remaining paint in the chip appears "dull" (this can happen with some metallic colors), you can apply clear coat to the repaired chip.

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A deep scratch means you can catch your fingernail in the scratch (otherwise it is a "light surface" scratch). So, if you can catch your fingernail, there are two (2) methods you can use and it is your choice which one you decide to use.

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Q. How does the Blob Eliminator work?

Answer: It is both a chemical (softening) and mechanical (rubbing) process. Once the touch up paint has dried, The Blob Eliminator will re-soften ONLY the touch up paint, and the light rubbing will mechanically "smooth" down the excess paint, with ONLY the touch up paint appearing on the cloth.
This process has been used to repair over 20,000,000 vehicles worldwide. It is a unique and proven process that will safely remove excess touch up paint from the surface of clear-coat painted and non-clear/coat vehicles without affecting the original paint surface of your vehicle.

Q. Works with all touch-up paints?

Sure, BUT we recommend using MANUFACTURES TOUCH UP PAINT. The Blob Eliminator is the ONLY safe product on the market when using these MANUFACTURES TOUCH UP PAINT. NO OTHER product works on MANUFACTURES TOUCH UP PAINT, the preferred touch up paint, when repairing chips and scratches.

However, IF you can't get the manufactures touch up paint, this is no problem. The Blob Eliminator will work on all touch up paints. Also, we can make the paint for you. Click here.. IF you don't know your paint code, click here.. Note: With any non-manufacture touch up paints let these paints dry longer and you need to rub very lightly as the tendency is for these less durable touch up paints to be softened quite quickly. Also, you can dilute The Blob Eliminator with water if you want to reduce the strength of the Blob Eliminator when using these non-manufacture touch up paints.

Q. Works on old touch up paint?

Answer: It depends on how long the "old" touch up paint has been on the vehicle. The Blob Eliminator is only "guaranteed" to work on newly applied touch up paint as in our directions. However, it will most likely work on old touch up paint, just no guarantees. You'll just need to be sure the area is very clean since you will need to rub longer and use plenty of The Blob Eliminator if you are going to attempt removing this old touch up paint. We recommend you use The Blob Eliminator for repairing some new chips, to get a feel for what it does. Once you have done that, then try it on the "old" touch up paint areas... just takes some elbow grease and a bit more rubbing time. BE SURE TO USE A VERY SOFT CLOTH.

Q. Is this product guaranteed?

Answer: YES. If for any reason the Blob Eliminator does not remove the excess blob of paint that was applied up to 4 days prior, Langka will refund the cost of the product in full. Just send it back with a copy of your invoice if you still have it. Otherwise, include your name, address, phone number, and email address so we can look-up your order. We'll refund the cost of the product you are returning and email you as well.

Q. Will it effect my OEM clear coat?

Answer: NO. This is the beauty of our product and why so many rave about it. The Blob Eliminator is specifically prepared to only remove the applied touch up paint, and not affect the original manufacturers clear coat surface. However, on repainted surfaces, you should test it in an inconspicuous area i.e., lower panel below the door. Do not use on vehicles in the 50's and early 60's IF they still have the original manufactures paint on them. Most old vehicles (30's-60's) have been repainted, and most of them have been repainted using basecoat/clearcoat paints. IF this is the case, the Blob Eliminator will work great.
Confused? Call us to discuss or email us using the "Contact Langka" tab at the very top of this page.

Q. OK for plastic bumpers or fiberglass?

Answer: Yes. Any clear coat painted surface. (Most all vehicles since 1990 are clear coated at production).

Q. What about existing rust in the chips?

Answer:Remove the rust using a device called the Prep Pen, an adjustable sanding pen specifically designed for removing rust. The tip of the Prep Pen can be sharpened to reach tight or small areas. The real question is "are you going to keep this vehicle"? IF so, then you need to neutralize OR grind-out the rust with the Prep Pen before you repair the chips. Navy Jelly or similar liquid products claim to "neutralize" rust... but that is debatable.

REMEMBER:  DON'T let future chips get rusted!! FIX THEM immediately once you discover them. It's called vehicle maintenance and it's not difficult now with our Paint Chip Repair Kit.

Q. How long will it take to get my order?

Answer: We have multiple choices on how to ship your products, depending on a number of factors. Most orders ship the same day the order is received. Also, if ordered on Fri,Sat,Sun, it will ship on Monday. Also, International shipments normally takes 10-14 days and are shipped via FedEx or UPS.

Q. What is the shelf life of the Blob?

Answer: Two years. We recommend you shake it well before using. You can reconstitute it with a small amount of water if you want to.

Q. Do I need to purchase anything else?

Answer: You will need to purchase the touch up paint from your dealership or directly from LANGKA.. If you don't know your paint code, Click Here. Again, the Blob Eliminator is the ONLY product designed specifically for manufacturers touch up paint AND all other touch up paints on the market. For non-manufacture touch up paints, just let the paint dry longer. If the paint chip is down to the metal, it may take a few coats or layers to fill the damaged area. We also provide other products on our web site that you may find helpful (Fine Tip Brush, Micro brush, Paint Sealant 2oz, etc). And if you need other car-care products, we provide the best products for maintaining your vehicles exterior (paint) and interior (leather, cloth, vinyl, carpet, etc).

Q. Has this been proven to work?

Answer: Our other company, IMAC (www.i-mac.com) developed this repair in 1989 for auto dealerships to use on their new and used car inventory. In the US alone, over 20 million cars have been repaired to increase their appearance and resell value. The Blob Eliminator is the first professional product available for consumers like YOU whereby you can now PROFESSIONALLY repair these unsightly blemishes for pennys.

Q. Can I damage my car?

Answer: It will not affect OEM (original equipment manufacture) clear coat painted surfaces. We caution using on repainted vehicles or defective painted surfaces or vehicles in the 1920-1965 that still have their "original" paint.

Q. How long will a 2oz. bottle last?

Answer: You can repair 40-50 chips per 2oz. bottle.

Q. Can I buy this locally?

Answer: Not at this time. However, The Blob Eliminator can be purchased directly from many internet sites, including AMAZON, Ebay, and of course, directly from us on this web site on our secure server OR you can call us directly at 509-747-3607 (M-F 8am-5pm PST) and talk with us directly. Leave a message if for some reason we can't answer the call... we'll call you back. PLEASE speak slowly and repeat your phone number twice. Thanks in advance.

Q. What about metallic paints?

Answer:Metallic paints have a tendency to darken a bit. We have developed a method called the SQUEEGIE Method or WET Method and it helps greatly. When it comes to metallic paints, here's a tip: SHAKE the paint very well to get the metallic flakes into solution before you apply the paint to the chip or scratch.

Clear coating the finished repair (as a final coat) still may be required to further enhance the shine for metallics. For more information on CLEAR COATING the Repair click on this link.

Q. What about "Light" scratches?

Answer: Light Scratches means scratches that you can NOT catch your finger nail in them. They are very fine scratches, they are NOT deep enough to hold touch up paint. To repair these type of clear coat scratches go to [ 5 ] REPAIRING "LIGHT" SURFACE SCRATCHES in the CLEAR COAT

Q. What about "Deep" scratches?

Answer: Repairing a "Deep" scratch is quite easy if you think of scratches as just "long" chips. We have developed 2 methods for REPAIRING "DEEP" SCRATCHES. Check them out.

Q. Touch-up paint came in 2 bottles?

Answer: IF you have two (2) bottles (one is the paint color and the other is the clear coat), you have some options on how to do this repair. Click on this link CLEAR COATING the Repair and read of the options you have.

Q. What about spray paint?

Answer: You can spray the paint on using a "rattle-can". A lacquer based spray paint is preferred. It is a more durable paint formulation and they retain their shine better for doing paint chips.

Q. Whats the fastest method?

Answer: We have developed a 5 minute repair process which many find to be the easiest method for fixing chips/scratches. We call it the SQUEEGIE Method or WET Method . You do this repair while the paint you applied is still wet. Click on the link for more information.