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WOW folks does LANGKA Blob Eliminator ever work WELL. It is Very simple to use fix for chips that you may have in your paint. It's affordable and works like a charm! Scott W. , Canada http://www.corral.net

The true beauty of the LANGKA system is this: regardless of your age or skill level if you can drive a car you can use LANGKA products. LANGKA should be a part of everybody's detailing arsenal." Michael Martin, Author, The Detailing Bible (http://www.thedetailingbible.com)

"This stuff is worth ten times what I paid for it!" (2000 Ferrari Modena) Mike Niday, USA

Put down that can of spray paint! Stop wasting your time web-searching for professional paint repairers! If you want excellent results, that you can accomplish yourself, then all you REALLY need is a bottle of touch-up AND the Langka system! They don.t award First Place (Full Concours) and People.s Choice Award to those with visible stone chips. Thankyou Langka! -Gerald Murray of Long Island, NY

...I was a little skeptical at first, but this product actually works! The only thing needed other than the Langka compound and the included plastic card was a scrap piece of tightly woven cloth. You really only need to wait about 10 minutes for the touch-up paint to be dry to the touch, then just rub away the blob! - p.15, October '99. Alfa Owner Publication

Absolutely Amazing!!!!!!! And on each of these cars: '80 528i BMW, '85 Turbo Porsche (2),'87 Porsche Coupe, '90 Buick, '92 Jaguar, '93 Mercedes, '94 Mercedes 500, '95 Porsche 993, '95 Pontiac, '98 Volvo Turbo, '98 Ford Expedition, '99 A8 Audi. Colors from Blue, Beige, Green, Silver, White, Black, and Red including chips and scratches. With $300 of paint chip repair products, I have replaced them all with one bottle of LANGKA for $20!!!! - D. Etter, in CO

I purchased your product and am glad to say it works 'As advertised'. It seems like my black vette is a magnet for those little chips on the hood and nose, but with my touch up paint and your product I now have one less thing to worry about. I showed my buddy where I did the touch ups and he could not even tell. He is going to purchase your product also for his black Ford Expedition. Thanks for making such a great product that actually works and is easy to use. E. Anderson of Texas

I have used Langka...The Blob Eliminator successfully now on two (2) Ferraris and previously on a Mercedes and Porsche. If one is willing to take the care and time necessary to properly use Langka the results are virtually invisible - a 'good' thing for us fussy car people! Stephen M. in Virginia.

Whether it's commuting to work or weekend activities with the car club, I've picked up numerous stone chips on my hood. I MUST send my kudos to LANGKA for an AMAZING product! There's no way I'd be able to smooth out my factory touch-up paint like LANGKA does. It's AWESOME! -C. Lee in IL The LANGKA PROCESS is much simpler and faster than I imagined. The results are excellent and I am impressed! Thanks you guys! - G. Winger in Calif. Between putting up with a nasty scratch on the door and having a body shop repaint it for an estimated $325, LANGKA is a gift! There's no scratch and no emtpy wallet. Thanks! -M. Greenberg in IL

This stuff is great! My car had a nasty nick along the back bumper, and after carefully applying some touch-up paint and using Langka, it's almost invisible. The touch-up paint, alone, would not have done the trick. - R. Clarke in TX

....I had all but given up on touch-up painting years ago! I still bought touch-up paint with every new vehicle, but seldom used it because of the bad results! Always figured an every 5 year paint job would fix the problems! LANGKA has changed all that! Now I almost look forward to doing touch-up and I'm gonna save a fortune on re-painting!! - D. "theBaba" Salley in CA

I never considered using touch-up paint on my cars before a friend showed me what an improvement Langka made to the final results. Before Langka, I would just have the car repainted at a professional body shop. Now I can get results that look as good myself and never have a collection of ugly chips waiting for a trip to the body shop. My car's finish is protected with this quick and easy procedure and always looks great thanks to Langka. - D. Morgan in TX

I have used touch-up paint for years and have never been satisfied with the results. When I got the PT Cruiser I had been surfing the web for modifications when I ran across a link to your web site. I was a little skeptical at first, but decided to try Langka any way. The results were amazing. The blobs were gone and you could not see where the chip had been. It is really refreshing to have a product actually perform as advertised. I tell everyone about your product and how well it works. - R. Cook in CA

I am the moderator for MBworld.com, a mercedes benz website. I am also a complete car detailing fanatic! After applying the touch up paint to my new C320 and then rubbing the section very lightly with LANGKA...The Blob Eliminator, the repaired area was almost identical to the rest of the paint! I was amazed! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to touch up their vehicle. -Ali, MBWorld's Detailing & Automotive Care