Detailed Instructions


When we refer to "light" scratches, we are referring to scratches that are ONLY in the clear coat surface and you can NOT get your fingernail to "catch" in the scratch.

In this case, we developed our Wet Sand 2000 Repair Kit for YOU, and it can all be done by hand. Wet sanding use to be considered risky, but not with our new technology. Now you can remove all these minor clear coat scratches quickly with Wet Sand 2000 Repair Kit (for professional use only).

Included in the Kit: WS2000 Step A 2oz, WS2000 Step B 2oz, WS2000 paper 2 sheets, each 4" x 3", Cloth 8"x8", directions, all contained in a clam shell container for easy storage.

FIRST: We recommend you try to remove the light clear coat scratch with Step A (without wet sanding the area). Step A often will remove the scratch without wet sanding the painted surface. Just apply Step A to the clean Microfibre towel and rub as rapidly as possible in a circular motion for 15-30 seconds. This will take some pressure applied as well. If this product will not remove the scratch, then wet-sanding the area is required. A dual-action orbital buffer is an excellent device ($150) for buffing your vehicle and is an alternative to "hand" buffing when using Step A. IF Step A alone will NOT remove the scratch, then you'll need to actually wet-sand the area.

NEXT: Simply wet sand with the enclosed paper to remove the light surface clearcoat scratch. Be sure to limit your "sanding" to the immediate area to be repaired. Be sure to soak the paper in water for 2 minutes and while you are wet sanding, keep tossing water over the area or re-soak the paper in water. As you lightly sand over the scratch you will see it begin to be erased. As soon as it disappears, stop sanding.

NEXT: Then use Step A (rub rapidly in a circular motion and apply quite a bit of pressure) and then Step B which are proprietary products to (1) quickly remove the minute scratches caused by wet sanding and (2) seal the repaired areas. It's the only way to eliminate these blemishes quickly. All by hand - no power buffers required (but a buffer make is easier). Typical time (from start to finish) for this repair process is less than 5 minutes.

Note: Sanding thru the clear coat can occur if you wet-sand too long. Manufacturer does NOT guarantee this will not happen. It can occur. Use of this product implies you understand this caution. We also recommend trying this process first in an inconspicuous area to get a feel for it.

Detailed Instructions